Holyfrac Original Fractal Artwork

Frac 13_416

HolyFrac! creates beautiful, mysterious and inspiring fractal-based artwork which reflects the beauty of natural patterns and harmonies. I have a frac suitable for any mood and ambiance, from subdued and minimal to wild, outrageous and mesmerising.

If I do not have a frac which caters for your need, I can custom design a frac to your very specific requirements (or give me a brief and let my creativity do it for you).

My Frac designs are currently available as Canvas prints, High quality large format prints as well as luxurious designer pillows. My standard format prints are unframed & unmounted high quality board & canvas, howver I can frame or mount your digital print / canvas. Please enquire regarding this service. My frac designs can also be delvered on other mediums such as textiles, vinyl stickers, wallpaper & more.

is the moniker of Cape Town-based fractal artist, Tarquin Lessing.



HolyFrac | Cape Town, South Africa


062 738 3521